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AI Ubiquity; Envision the future

TiEcon 2024

TiEcon, one of the world’s largest tech conference, is tailored by Silicon Valley leaders for entrepreneurs, corporate executives and investors.

TiEcon 2024 proudly introduces “AI Ubiquity: Envision the Future” as its theme, a visionary concept encapsulating AI’s seamless integration and transformative power across all spheres of human endeavor.

TiEcon 2024 is set to be a groundbreaking event showcasing artificial intelligence’s profound and pervasive influence in our world. This conference will highlight AI’s transformative role across diverse sectors, from revolutionizing healthcare practices to reshaping the landscape of manufacturing and cross-border B2B transactions.

Attendees can expect to delve into the latest advancements in AI, including cutting-edge developments like Generative AI and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). The event promises to be a pivotal platform for understanding how AI is not just a technological tool but a fundamental driver of innovation, impacting the fabric of knowledge work and setting new paradigms in the tech job market.

TiEcon 2024 is poised to offer a deep dive into the future of AI, exploring its potential to redefine industries and everyday life, making it an unmissable event for those looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

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Our Speakers

The Event Speakers

Jensen Huang

Founder and CEO, NVIDIA

Navin Chaddha

Managing Partner, Mayfield Fund

Nikesh Arora

Chairman & CEO, Palo Alto Networks

Jay Chaudhry

Founder and CEO, Zscaler

Sumit Sadana

EVP & CBO, Micron Technology

Warner Thomas

President and CEO, Sutter Health

Pradeep Khosla

Chancellor, UC San Diego

Ken Goldberg

Distinguished Chair and Chief Scientist

Jagdeep Bachher

CIO, University of California

Tanya Dua

Technology Editor, LinkedIn News

Masha Fisch

CEO, MKF Advisory/Ex-Google

Meerah Rajavel

CIO, Palo Alto Networks

Varun Badhwar

Founder/CEO, Endor Networks

Andrew Beagley

CRO, Optimeyes

Rishi Bhargava

co-founder, Descope

T.R. Vishwanth

co-founder & CTO, Glean

Kapil Chhabra

co-founder & CPO WisdomAI

Jyotika Gupta

N5 Ventures

Sundari Mitra

Asato, Ex-Intel

Kavitha Prasad

Vice President, AWS

Ping Wu


Manu Sharma

CEO, Label Box

Issac Madan

Co-Founder & CEO,

Tarun Mathur

CTO, Indegene

Kevin Schulman

Professor of medicine, Stanford University

Priya Abani

CEO, AliveCor

Jeremy Zhang

Senior Director, Gilead Sciences

TiEcon 2024 - Join Us

May 1 – 3, 2024

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35+ Workshop & Talks

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54 International Speakers

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Specialized Workshop

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Featured Talk

What Is Serverless Architecture?

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Startup Bootcamp

Fine-tune your business plan and pitch to investors in a way that will grab their attention with the help of seasoned Bootcamp instructors.

NVIDIA AI Bootcamp

NVIDIA’s AI/ML Bootcamp condenses the latest AI and Machine Learning topics, leveraging its chips’ pivotal role in driving AI innovation

TiE50 Awards

A prestigious annual awards program keenly contested by thousands of early to mid-stage startups worldwide.


An opportunity to showcase your product to a variety of audiences including enterprises, professionals, investors, and media

Google AI Bootcamp

Build LLM-Powered Apps with Google, an immersive hands-on workshop that teaches you to transform your app development using the latest generative AI and optimize LLM performance.

VC Connect

Opportunity to receive direct feedback from successful VCs for budding entrepreneurs.

Mentor Connect

A structured, small group setting for mentorship from successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

TiEcon 2024

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Exhibiting Startups


Talks & Workshops



In Words of Our Previous Speakers

"Paul Allen & I experienced with Microsoft, innovators can't make it on their own, they need partners, supporters to make sure their best ideas make it from the Lab to the Market Place and for more than 27 years TiE has been doing just that. You support great entrepreneurs from around the world & in some of the most important fields in technology today; TiE's work is essential to fostering innovation & creating the better world we all want."
Co-Founder, Microsoft
"What an entrepreneur needs is the spirit, it needs an investor, and it needs a collection of people who have common views that can come together to make an enterprise successful. I believe that as one goes along it looks at TiE as one very important component that brings this element together and grows enterprises in diverse disciplines, and I salute TiE for what they have been able to do."
Ratan Tata
Chairman, Tata Trust & Sandy Carter
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