September 2 - 3, 2020


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Chair, Neuroscience, Sigularity University

Dr. Chander is a physician, neuroscientist, and futurist who trained at Harvard, UCSF, UCSD, and the Salk Institute. She is currently the Chair of Neuroscience and Faculty in Medicine at Singularity University. She is also a Visiting Scholar in the Stanford Department of Medicine, and served on the faculty of Stanford School of Medicine for 8 years. Her postdoctoral training in optogenetic technology was conducted at Stanford, where she used light-activated ion channels inserted in DNA to study sleep and consciousness switches in brains. In the operating room, she applies EEG technology to understand what human brains look like when they lose and regain consciousness, and has a precision medicine initiative at Stanford aimed at understanding genetic variability in responses to anesthetic drugs. Her goal is to understand neural mechanisms of consciousness, as well as the evolution of human consciousness secondary to human augmentation. She is working on devices that read and write the brain (brain mapping, neuromodulation) and link to brain machine interfaces. Dr. Chander also strong believes is that virtual and augmented reality are another form of neuromodulation - a powerful way to write the brain without invading it with electrodes. She also works in the field of space life sciences. A finalist for astronaut selection and an alumnus of the International Space University, Dr. Chander has performed remote simulations of trauma rescues, anesthesia and surgery in Mars analogue settings with physicians in the US, France, and the Concordia base in Antarctica. She has also been involved with a consortium that elaborated a road-map for studying the effect of microgravity and radiation on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, cognition and sleep.