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In this track we will hear from some of the youngest and most inspiring entrepreneurs among us. TiE Youth Forum features a diverse perspective from young entrepreneurs on how to find your passion, build your personal brand, and change the world. No matter what age you are, TiE Youth Forum will remind you of the endless possibilities of the world around us.

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Youth Track Speakers

Saturday, May 16th
Title Timesort descending
Sports and Entrepreneurship 01:45 pm to 02:00 pm
Risky Business 02:00 pm to 02:15 pm
But what can I do NOW? 02:15 pm to 02:30 pm
What do you need to learn in college to be an entrepreneur 02:30 pm to 02:45 pm
What do you need to think about to start your company? 02:45 pm to 03:00 pm
How to deal with failure 03:00 pm to 03:15 pm
Selling before building: How to sell your story? 03:00 pm to 03:15 pm
How To Deal With Failure? 03:15 pm to 03:30 pm
Entrepreneurship with a mission 03:30 pm to 03:45 pm
Redefining an industry 03:45 pm to 04:00 pm
Prototype your way to #Disrupt 04:00 pm to 04:15 pm
Impact Entrepreneurship 04:15 pm to 04:30 pm

The TiEcon 2015 Youth track has been put together by a special advisory council of some of the strongest leaders in the field.

Youth Track Advisers

Networking, Networking and More Networking: While TiEcon is known for its endless opportunity for informal networking, we have made it even easier to network in a more formal setting with a redesigned Mentor Connect program, networking lunch, various networking breaks, a cocktail reception on Friday evening, and a new mobile networking platform that will make networking seamless onsite and offsite.