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Expo - Overview

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The TiEcon Expo provides you with booth space to showcase your products and  technology. The 2015 Expo will feature startups, research labs, universities, and technology corporations showcasing their products or services to TiEcon attendees. The majority of TiEcon attendees are highly accomplished individuals who have decision-making power within their organization. The Expo offers an excellent opportunity to expand the reach of your products or services to a variety of audiences including investors, buyers, prospective hires as well as media.

Booth Section 8 x 5 8 x 10 8 x 20
Zone A $2000 $3000 $6000
Zone B $1500 $2500 $5000
Number of Passes Included (2 day full pass with lunch) 2 4 6

In addition, TiEcon Expo will feature limited number of booths for Innovation Pavilion where exhibitors can showcase their products. This will include a chair  and table and will cost $1000.

Zone A and Zone B are distinguished by the amount of foot traffic expected in the floor areas. The floor plan is being designed such that exhibitor hall is between the key note auditorium and the parallel tracks area. That way each of the 4,000+ participants walk through the exhibitor area several times. Zone A booths will get lot of exposure, but could get too busy especially when the key notes get over. Zone B will have more dedicated traffic and companies can focus on key discussions rather than just foot traffic. The food is served in the exhibition area. The way floor plan is being designed such that traffic towards the lunch and snack tables will go through the zone B. That way each of the zones will have their pluses and minuses. Zone A is great to get front of key attendees quickly

Included Features 8 x 5 8 x 10 8 x 20
Area (Sq. Ft.) Carpeted 40 80 160
Pipe and Drape Back-Walls and Side Rails Back-Wall: 8’ (H) 5’ (W) Side Rails: None Back-Wall: 8’ (H) 10’ (W) Side Rails: 3’ (H) Back-Wall: 8’ (H) 20’ (W) Side Rails: 3’ (H)
Conferences Passes 2 4 6
Padded Stools 1 2 4
Skirted Countertop (6’L x 42” H x 24” D) 1 1 2
500 Watt Electrical Outlet 1 1 1
Shared WiFi Connection Included Included Included
Booth ID Sign (7”x 44”) 1 1 1
Social Media Promotion* Available on Request Available on Request Available on Request
Waste Basket 1 1 1
Included Features  
Area (Sq. Ft.) Carpeted Special Sectioned Area (with other exhibitors)
Table 1
Padded Stools 1
Conferences Passes 1
Shared WiFi Connection Included
Social Media Promotion Available on Request
Video Interview Promotion The TiE Media Team will help promote exhibitors who create promotional video content to market themselves at TiECon 2015, through TiE channels marketing channels.
Social Media Distribution TiE promotional channels include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which TiE will distribute exhibitor content under the TiE brand.  This creates additional marketing presence, recognition, and validation for exhibiting company technologies and products.
Interview Production Sources Exhibitors can produce their own content through their in-house resources.  Also, exhibitors will have access to TiE’s media partners, such as INDTV (USA) and Andaz TV, to arrange for interview production services (there may be a separate charge incurred for such service by the independent provider, which is not part of any  TiECon 2015 Expo offering).
Interview Scheduling Exhibitors are responsible for scheduling such services with the independent providers.  TiECon Expo has made available to such providers a special Media Booth on the show floor specifically for this purpose during the event.


Friday, May 15, 2015 – 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday, May 16, 2015 – 10 am to 7 pm

Showcase your company at TiEcon 2015

Do you have innovative products and services in Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Infrastructure, or are you a technology-oriented entrepreneur?

The TiEcon Expo is an ideal platform for startups looking for funding/networking/prospecting opportunities and companies that cater to the entrepreneur and want to attract new clients. Research labs, academic organizations and regional government bodies that are invested in our industry sectors also find the Expo to be an invaluable networking opportunity.

Apply for a booth now and join us for TiEcon 2015, May 15-16, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Booths reserved by April 15 qualify for additional discount. Please contact us for discount codes.

Please contact us for more information.

Contact Anand Joshi ( (Expo Chair) if you have any questions.