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Conference Overview

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TiEcon 2014 will be the 21st edition of one of the largest conference on entrepreneurship in the World. Ranked alongside Demo, TED and World Economic Forum among top 10 conferences worldwide for ideas and entrepreneurship by Worth magazine, TiEcon last year attracted 3600 technology professionals from 50 countries. TiEcon 2014 will once again focus on the hottest areas of innovation.


Time Events
7:00 AM Registration Opens :: Main Lobby
8:30 AM Grand Keynote I: Fireside Chat with Steve Mollenkopf, CEO, Qualcomm Inc - Moderator Mohan Gyani :: Hall D
9:15 AM Grand Keynote II: Fireside Chat with Michael Rhodin and Manoj Saxena from IBM - Moderator Ray Wang :: Hall D
  Internet of Things
(Hall C)
Big Data
(Hall G/H)
Cloud Infrastructure
Hall J / K
10:00 AM Keynote: Steven W. Berglund, CEO, Trimble Keynote : Steve Shine, CEO, Actian Keynote: Sudhakar Ramakrishna, SVP, Citrix Systems TiE50 Awards Program
10:30 AM Lightning Round I Lightning Round I Lightning Round I
10:45 AM IoT Overview Onramp to Big Data Cloud Primer: The Road to Convergence
11:00 AM BREAK
11:15 AM Infrastructure of IoT Changing Landscape of Retail & Finance with Big Data Building the Virtualized Networking Infrastructure TiE50 Awards Program
11:45 AM Connected Things When Commercial Applications Meet Big Data Is Converged Storage the Next Big Wave?
12:15 PM Bridging the old with the new Unleashing Cognitive Computing on the Masses Lightning Round II
12:30 PM MentorConnect, FounderConnect and Networking Lunch (Hall A/B)
1:45 PM Keynote: Rob Chandhok, SVP, Qualcomm Keynote : Raji Arasu, CTO, StubHub Keynote: Yury Izrailevsky, VP, Netflix TiE50 Awards Program
2:15 PM Lightning Round II Lightening Round II Business Applications in the Cloud – is technology ready for prime time?
2:30 PM IoT for the Masses Big Data Technology Landscape
2:45 PM Is your organization ready for the Cloud?
3:00 PM Connected Health Comes Alive Are Databases cool Again with Big Data ?
03:15 PM BREAK
3:30 PM IoT in Business Privacy, Security & Personalization with Big Data Fireside Chat with Praveen Akkiraju, CEO VCE TiE50 Awards Program
3:45 PM Cloud Management: What Businesses Want
4:00 PM The Future of IoT How to build Data Science teams?
4:15 PM Old is Not Necessarily Gold in Big Data Leading Technological Trends in Cloud Orchestration
4:30 PM Keynote: Sandy Carter, General Manager, IBM
4:45 PM Breaking the Education Barriers with Big Data Fireside Chat with Erik Ekkuden, SVP & CTO, Ericsson
5:00 PM Where are the VCs Investing? Where are the VCs Investing? Where are the VC's Investing?
5:45 PM Grand Keynote III : Steve Lucas, President, Platform Solutions
at SAP :: Hall D
7:00 PM TiE50 Reception and Entertainment :: Hall A/B


Time Events
7:30 AM Registration Opens :: Main Lobby
8:45 AM Grand Keynote I: Romesh Wadhwani, Chairman & CEO, Symphony Technology Group :: Hall D
9:30 AM Grand Keynote II: Rakeysh Mehra, Bollywood Filmmaker &
Screenwriter :: Hall D
10:00 AM BREAK
  HealthCare IT
(Hall G/H)
(Hall C)
NexGen Tech Services
( HAll J/K)
10:15 AM Introduction to the healthcare track Are you emotionally prepared to be an Entrepreneur? Introduction to the NexGen Tech Services Track
10:25 AM Keynote: Daniel Kraft, Exec. Director, Exponential Medicine Keynote: Sanjay Dhawan, CEO, Symphony Teleca
10:30 AM Bringing innovation to monetization
10:45 AM Where are VC's investing in Healthcare? How to get seed funding for your startup? Leveraging the SMAC paradigm : The Opportunities and Challenges
11:15 AM BREAK
11:30 AM Engaging the Patients of the future How to raise venture capital funding? Driving Innovation in Services  
11:50 AM Harnessing Healthcare Data
12:00 PM Why and how of product market fit? Exit Strategies for Services Companies
12:10 PM Keynote : Martin Entwistle, Exec. Director,Palo Alto Medical Foundation
12:30 PM MentorConnect, FounderConnect and Networking Lunch
(Hall A/B)
  ENERGY: Oil & Gas Entrepreneurship Impact Investing TiE Youth
1:45 PM Keynote: Ram Shenoy, CTO, Conoco Phillips How to effectively scale your startup? The Lemelson Formula: Inventing Solutions that Power Economies Keynote: Sujay Jaswa, CFO, Dropbox
2:00 PM
2:05 PM Challenges as a Young CEO
2:15 PM Energy - Oil & Gas: Entrepreneurial Goldmine for Technology Innovation! How to effectively manage your company’s growth? Investing to Impact Women’s Careers
2:20 PM
2:30 PM How to achieve and sustain global scale? Cross-Border Innovation spurs Entrepreneurship TiE Youth Talks
2:45 PM BREAK How to manage your company’s exit?
3:00 PM Leveraging the Power of Diaspora
3:15 PM Do you really need to plan for the exit from Day 1? TiE Youth Pitchfest
3:30 PM How to evaluate value of your business at every step? Empowering Underprivileged via Education
3:45 PM Break
4:00 PM Breakthrough Thinkers - I [Pawan Sinha - How Brains Learn to See :: Hall C]
4:15 PM Breakthrough Thinkers - II [Jakob van Zyl – Looking for Life on Mars] :: Hall C TiE Youth Networking Reception
4:30 PM Breakthrough Thinkers - III (Young Mavericks) :: Hall C
4:45 PM Grand Keynote III: Game Change Your Organization in Mobile-Cloud Era - Sanjay Poonen,VMWare :: Hall C
5:15 PM Grand Keynote IV: Shahid Khan, Owner Jacksonville Jaguars - Moderator  Sohaib Abbasi, CEO, Informatica :: Hall C
6:15 PM Cocktail Reception and Networking :: Hall A/B
8:30 PM Entertainment :: Hall D


IBM Workshops at TiECon 2014
May 16 & 17, 2:15PM - 4:30PM
Santa Clara Convention Center, Mission City M1 Room

Date: May 16
Time: 2:15PM to 4:30PM
Location:  TiEcon 2014, Santa Clara Convention Center, Mission City M1 Room
Track: IBM Watson Fast Track Workshop
Title:  Catching Fire with the IBM Watson Ecosystem

Date: May 17
Time: 2:15PM to 4:30PM
Location: TiEcon 2014, Santa Clara Convention Center, Mission City M1 Room
Track: IBM Cloud Fast Track Workshop
Title: Go-to-Market at the Speed of Cloud


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