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Conference Overview

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Time Events
7:00 AM Registration Opens
8:30 AM Opening Remarks (first 100 in receive a special prize!)
8:45 AM Grand Keynote I
9:30 AM Grand Keynote II: Aamir Hussain (EVP & CTO, CenturyLink), Tom Reilly (CEO Cloudera) Gary Gauba (Founder & CEO Cognilytics) Transformational Journey Towards New Data Economy
10:00 AM BREAK
  Internet of Things Cloud & Security Data Economy TiE50  
10:15 AM IOT Opening Keynote: Johan Lodenius, MediaTek Enterprise Cloud Trends - Keynote Consumer and Enterprise: Digital Disruption TiE50 PRESENTATIONS


10:30 AM
10:45 AM Navigating the IOT landscape Cloud Market Trends and Needs Data as a Service
11:00 AM Designing Compelling IOT Solutions
11:15 AM Cloud Architecture and Technology Trends FS Chat
11:30 AM
11:45 AM Fireside Chat - Qualcomm Cloud Infrastructure Market Trends Data Science & the Opportunity Ahead
12:00 AM Fireside Chat
12:15 PM L(A)UNCH with Speakers, Mentor & Founder Connect
1:45 PM IOT Midday Keynote: Jay Vijayan, Tesla Market Trends - Keynote eCommerce & Marketing: Reinvented with Big Data TiE50 PRESENTATIONS
2:00 PM
2:15 PM Internet of Enterprise Things (Fireside Chat Opener) Security keynote - Ashar Aziz, Founder, Vice Chairman of the Board & CSO, Fire Eye Extracting Value from Industrial Data
2:30 PM Internet of Enterprise Things (Panel)
2:45 PM Battle of Platforms & Protocols Privacy, Risk and Compliance Enabling Data Insights
3:00 PM Is today’s security failing IT?
3:15 PM IOT Success Stories Platform: CA Technologies
3:30 PM Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Is CIO "Chief IT Officer" or "Chief Information Officer"?
4:00 PM Accelerator & Crowd Funded IOT Startups Anatomy of a Data Breach Lightning Round. Hot Demos TiE50 PRESENTATIONS
4:15 PM
4:30 PM VC Panel VC Panel Trillion Dollar Economy - Startup Opportunities (VC)
4:45 PM
5:00 PM IOT Closing Keynote: Anand Oswal, Cisco Keynote: Sandy Carter (GM, IBM) Keynote: Anthony Deighton (CTO, Qlik)
5:15 PM
5:45 PM Grand Keynote: Vishal Sikka, CEO, Infosys
6:15 PM TiE50 Blockbuster Exits
6:30 PM TiE50 Winner Award Presentations
7:00 PM TiE50 Reception and Entertainment
Time Events
7:30 AM Registration Opens
8:30 AM Opening Remarks (first 100 in receive a special prize!)
9:00 AM Grand Keynote I: John Kapoor, Founder and Chairman, INSYS Therapeutics
9:30 AM Grand Keynote II: Blanca Trevino, CEO, Softtek
10:00 AM BREAK
  Online Education Entrepreneurship Oil & Gas  





10:15 AM Trends and Opportunities in Online Education Keynote - Steve Blank Big Data, IoT, and Cloud - Game Changers in the Oil and Gas Industry
10:30 AM Redefining Education – Possibilities and Enablement
10:45 AM How to Not Mess Up Your Cap Chart
11:00 AM The Boom in Edtech - Why Now?
11:15 AM We Don't Need No Education? Exits Global Fluency (Donovan) and UNICEF Sharad Sapra (Director, UNICEF Innovation Center)
11:30 AM  
11:45 AM Creating Meaningful Differentiation
12:00 AM
12:15 PM L(A)UNCH with Speakers, Mentor & Founder Connect
  Healthcare Entrepreneurship Global Entrepreneurship TiE Youth
1:45 PM Keynote Overcoming Obstacles Keynote Keynote: Paraag Marathe (President, San Francisco 49ers)
2:00 PM BiG DATA in Precision medicine Raising Money How to find your startup idea
2:15 PM Legislative Impact on Entrepreneurship How to find your co-founder
2:30 PM Panel: Medical Devices - a changing landscape   What do you need to learn in college to be an entrepreneur
2:45 PM Seed Funding FICCI How to raise money as a young entrepreneur
3:00 PM Panel: Trials & Tribulations of Adopting Technology in Hospitals Pitch Panel How to deal with failure
3:15 PM Recruiting in Competitive Times Is dropping out of school right for you?
3:30 PM FS Chat: Darius Nigamwalla (President, Campbell Alliance)   Entrepreneurship with a mission
3:45 PM Panel: Quantified Self - Wearables as means of governing you Closing Keynote Nutanix Redefining an industry
4:00 PM Keynote How to find mentors
4:15 PM BREAK Impact Entrepreneurship
4:30 PM Breakthrough Thinkers I: Preet Bharara & Arun Kumar
4:45 PM
5:00 PM Breakthrough Thinkers II: Vint Cerf & Vivek Wadhwa
5:15 PM
5:30 PM Grand Keynote III: Vivek Ranadive, CEO, Tibco; Owner, Sacramento Kings
6:15 PM Cocktail Reception and Networking
7:00 PM Banquet (by invitation only)
8:30PM Entertainment (open to all)